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Sandwich Assays

We create target-specific sandwich assays with affinity reagents of nM to pM affinities using innovative phage display tools, including our patented sandwich assay assembly technology, termed Megaprimer Shuffling for Tandem Affinity Reagents (MegaSTAR). We generate affinity reagents and functional binding assays faster than traditional antibody production methods by bypassing the requirement of animal inoculation and selection of monoclonal antibodies from hybridomas.

Protein Production

We produce high-quality biomarkers and proteins of interest using bacterial expression, mammalian cell culture, and in vitro transcription and translation. We quality control all of our synthesized proteins for proper folding and activity

Contract Research

Consider the Tango team as an extension of your laboratory.  We will discover and design affinity reagents and sensitive sandwich assays for your targets while exceeding project deadlines and achieving desired specifications.