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NIH STTR award

In April 2018, Tango Biosciences received a R41 award from NIH. The goals of the grant are to generate two-site capable affinity reagents through MegaSTAR to two sets of targets. One set represents biomarkers of colorectal cancer and myocardial infarction. MegaSTAR reagents will be benchmarked against existing commercial sandwich reagents, and the performance metrics (i.e., intra-assay and inter-assay precision, linearity, sensitivity) will be evaluated and compared through ELISA. The second set of targets is a family of membrane proteins. Successful production of specific affinity reagents to the ectodomains will showcase the potential of MegaSTAR to generate reagents to challenging targets.


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Presented at upcoming national conference

Tango was selected as one of 8 emerging, start-up companies in the US, and will present in the Innovation AveNEW program at the Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening conference in Washington, DC in February 2019. This networking opportunity should help put Tango on the “radar screen” of potential clients.

Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening Ignite Award

Tango was nominated as a finalist for the best start-up or emerging company. Named “one of the top 8 bioscience start-ups in 2019.”

Brian Kay at the Tango booth.

CBCAN presentation

PEGS Boston